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Van der Velden, M. 2019. Is it possible to herd cats? Reporting on five years addressing cat overpopulation in British Columbia, Canada (PDF). BC SPCA: Vancouver, Canada
This document serves as a summary version of a review of five years working to address cat overpopulation across the province and shares learnings with other sheltering organizations, cat rescue groups, and cat colony caretakers, with the aim of seeing broad-scale positive change improving the lives of cats across North America.

Kay A, Coe JB, Young I and Pearl D. 2018. Factors influencing time to adoption for dogs in a provincial shelter system in Canada. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science DOI: 10.1080/10888705.2018.1436917

South C. 2016. How to say ‘spay’ (PDF). BC SPCA UBC Research Report
This research set out to gain deeper insights into the motivations of cat owners considering spay/neuter choices regarding their owned animals, to advance the development of a pro-social messaging toolkit for use in this area, and to gain a richer understanding of community attitudes towards cat overpopulation issues at large.

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