Animal Welfare Advisory Network of BC


The purpose of the Animal Welfare Advisory Network of British Columbia (AWANBC) is to enable organizations to work together and to support strategies around specific projects and initiatives associated with companion animal welfare.

This organization is comprised of a volunteer membership and steering committee. Membership is open to non-profit organizations registered in the province of BC who provide services for companion animals.

AWANBC member applications process:

  • Potential members can submit applications to AWANBC at any time of the year.
  • Reviews of applications and decisions of whether an applicant meets the membership criteria will be conducted four times per year at Steering Committee meetings.
  • There is no fee to become an AWANBC member.


  • Must maintain AWANBC membership in good standing (i.e. meet the membership criteria).
  • Must attend a minimum of 75% of the meetings held, at a Steering Committee and/or at a project / initiative level.
  • Advanced notification must be given and an alternate representative should attend if one cannot attend meetings.
  • Be an advocate and promote the work of AWANBC.
  • Fully participate in AWANBC’s work, and be actively involved in at least one project / initiative (including Steering Committee members).
  • Follow the Paws for Hope’s Code of Ethics.
  • Follow through with commitments and meet deadlines.
  • Participate in continuing education on best practices and new concepts.
  • Participate in fundraising on behalf of AWANBC.
  • Ensure regular reporting to Project / Initiative Lead and/or the Steering Committee Chair.
  • Must adhere to and promote best practices in their own organizations.
  • Member organizations and their representatives will not publicly criticize other member organizations and their representatives.
  • Must agree to have member organization listed on the AWANBC website

If you are interested in joining AWANBC, please download and submit the membership application form.

AWANBC Membership Application   AWANBC Membership Application